Date Content
20th July (Wed) 2022 SuMPO has started to distribute IDEA v3.1.
4th March (Fri) 2022 TCO2 has started to distribute IDEA v3.1.
3rd June (Thu) 2021 LCA Promotion Consortium founding seminar is held.
IDEA v3 can be used by those who become members of the LCA promotion consortium.
29th May (Fri) 2020 IDEA v2.2 overseas 12 country adapted version is released.
27th Dec (Fri) 2019 IDEA version 2.3 is released.
15th Mar (Thu) 2018 openLCA version is available.
17th May (Wed) 2017 SimaPro version is available.
31st Mar (Fri) 2017 MiLCA version is available.
7th Jul (Tue) 2015 Our new website is up and running !

Background and Goals of IDEA

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has become an important evaluation method for assessing the efficient use of resources and reduction of emissions of environmentally hazardous substances. When conducting an LCA, it is essential to collect inventory data for the target scope that is under consideration. On conducting these evaluations, it is best the LCA practitioner collect inventory data for the evaluation. However, an enormous amount of effort and time must be spent to collect all relevant data. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of an evaluation, "background data" is used for areas where impacts are fairly low and "foreground data" collected by the LCA practitioner is used for areas where impacts are large.

The current "process-based type" inventory database focuses on a specific industry and the covered areas are uneven and biased; therefore, many areas still need to be developed. There are also areas that require more detailed data. In order to deal with Environmental Footprints, etc., there is an imminent need to construct a large-scale database where the quality is guaranteed to some extent. To cope with these requirements, a hybrid inventory database "IDEA", storing both statistical and process-based data, equipped with high comprehensiveness, completeness, representativeness and transparency, was developed.

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